When the time is right

We have all had those days, those thoughts of days, when everything just seems to go the way it is supposed to. I recently had just such a day with an old friend and they never cease to amaze me when they occur.

IMG_0079Leaving before first light Allen “Bubba” Kay and I started out for a familiar stretch of the Kenebecasis river. We had been down for a drive a few weeks prior to check on the height of the water levels and at that time we deemed it both unsafe and unlikely to be able to fish it with any amount of success. This time we arrived and the water had receded somewhat, or at least enough so that you could now see the river as it twisted through some open fields.

We arrived as the sun was just peeking over top of the trees in the distance, casting it first light and warmth over the pool which we were facing. We could instantly see fish surfacing and rolling and it didn’t take any more than that to get us to start getting geared up. I had my new 4wt that I wanted to get wet and this was a great day to give it a test run. We couldn’t see anything in the water that was hatching to give the fish the opportunity to be as playful as they were but whatever it was there must have been a lot of them because you could see fish surfacing at every spot on the river, in the pools, in the flooded sections of the field… yes I said in the field… I will tell you about this in a few moments.

It took us a while to figure out what exactly they were interested in but when we did, it was rewarded. We fished the large pool for quite a while before we started heading down the feeder creek to the main river, we each raised a fish here and there and continued on as we talked about the day and the surroundings, how the water had dropped and how it would be great to come back again when it drops another foot. We finally made it to the confluence of where the feeder creek feeds into the main river and here is where it all began.

I crossed the little inlet first which was basically flooded field before the pool although we could all see one large fish rolling in the pool. It would have easily gone close to 4 pounds and we knew that the challenge had begun. Both dries and wets started working, caddis fly patterns, streamers and bugs all produced as we cast into this pool over and over, and every pass was rewarded with a roll, a strike or a fish coming to hand. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there were fish surfacing in the field to my right so I FullSizeRendermade a quick roll cast, which didn’t go unnoticed by my companion who proceeded to make his snarky remarks about fishing in a field… we both laughed and as I replied that I would fish in a puddle if I thought that there were fish in it. It was at this time that Bubba tried to follow the route that I came through to get to where I was standing, I heard some cursing behind me as I turned to see him wringing his sleeves out to get some water out of them.. apparently our height difference wasn’t figured into his calculations and he went under and stumbled a bit. Being the trooper he is, he opted to fish on and he was rewarded for his efforts.FullSizeRender (2)

With every cast we could see wakes in the water as they made their way to the treats we were offering. Most of the fish were in the 10-12″ range but that was just fine for the light gear we were tossing and the number of fish coming at us kept us busy. With every cast however you would wonder where that big one was. He would show himself every once in a while just to keep you interested but he wouldn’t take what we were offering.

IMG_0085We ventured back to the first pool, the day had turned to rain and the fish enjoyed it or so it seemed. There were a couple of gents at the main pool who were fishing with worms with no luck or so it seemed. I landed a nice 14″ trout shortly after returning and one of the guys came running over to see it and asked if he could have it, he had watched me fish a stretch just below him and I released several fish before coming to the main pool again. I just looked at him and told him that I was saving a few for my friend, it was Bubbas anniversary with his wife Rose and I figured where I took him away fishing on their anniversary the least I could do was give her a couple of trout for them to enjoy. The man walked away almost sulking. FullSizeRender (1)

We then switched sides and crossed the road to fish further upstream. This is where we ended our day and the fish were absolutely everywhere. I would have found it impossible to believe how someone could have make a cast and stripped the line or just let it swing without a fish trying to smash it because that is what they were doing to us on every cast.

I will get back down soon, I know the water will be subsiding, I know the fish will become more concentrated or maybe even more spread out, either way it will be fine with me because I love it. Just to be on that familiar stretch of water again and to hunt for these gems. The time was right on this trip and it will be right again…


Pre-Season stretch

I know that I am a fine one to talk when I suggest to people that they need to stay in shape and be active, especially during the winter months so that when spring comes you can get out and enjoy it to the fullest. I am speaking from experience when I say that having been somewhat sedentary all winter aside from shoveling a mountain of snow at every turn, it is important if you are an avid angler to remain somewhat active. I will give you an example.

Fishing season opens in my home Province of Nova Scotia earlier than in New Brunswick where I now reside, so it only makes sense that I would go there to fish. The winter was hard this season with pretty much every portion of the DSC00801Maritimes getting pounded with snow and ice.

I ventured down to fish a wonderful stretch of water with a great friend who had been on the river for a few hours prior to my arriving, that was fortunate enough to be ice free, or at least part of it was, enough that we could get in and wet a line. Within 10 minutes of being on the water I had landed my first beDSC00813autiful Brown trout of the day which would also be the only fish I landed on this day but it would be fine because to be on the water was reward enough.DSC00798

Now I have gotten off track with this whole topic, as I normally do when I start talking about fishing, it is important to remember that I had to get to the river to be able to cast, hook and land this fish. I did mention that it snowed in record volumes this winter didn’t I? Well if I didn’t then rest assured when I say I have never seen so much snow in one place that I mean just that. Now back to my story and enough of the snow rant… just let it go… it was all a bad snowy dream…

So I park the car on the side of the road next to my friends truck and I call his cell to ask him where he is at on the river and he indicates to me that I just need to walk across the field and through the trees to get to where he was at… seemed easy enough. Sure everything seems easy enough when you first look at it… hell I though fly fishing was going to be a breeze when I first watched someone do it…lol until I tried it myself and hooked my head a few times or wrapped the line around my face. Now keep in mind my friend is fairly active, oh hell lets say it like it is… he’s young… well younger than me at least…lol

DSC00791I started my trek across the field which started seeming longer with every step I took. With recent mild weather the crusty snow surface had given way to soft, packy snow. Snow that was at least 4 feet deep or more became a trap for those who weren’t ready for it. Well lets just say that I wasn’t ready for it and leave it at that. Suffice it to say, I was spent by the time I got to the rivers edge. Now without complaining or whining I have to confess that I suffer from leg and lower back issues all related to an old injury. My body reminded me of all of them by the time I was at the water and able to sit on the bank before entering the stretch of water my friend was casting to. Maybe it was the fish gods that rewarded me for my efforts for crossing the barren wasteland of snow I had just traversed or maybe it was them knowing that I needed something to keep me focused and allowed me to fish on… I had not even begun to think or process the information that I would need to make that same trek back to the car.

We fished on for an hour or so, thoroughly covering this stretch of water before making our way back to the vehicles. My friend landing one small grilse in the same spot where I landed my brown as we walked back up river to our spot to get out. We knew it was going to be a great evening regardless of what else we would land. Fishing this kind of water is exciting for many reasons, it is clear, not overly fast as the majority of the melt has yet to happen and the river is holding big hungry fish that have waited patiently all winter for something to swing by. The drawback is that ice doesn’t make much noise when it breaks off further up river and makes its way down.DSC00846 You find yourself making a couple of casts, laying your fly where you believe your best options lay and then you need to pause to look behind you to ensure that there is no iceberg coming your way. These sheets break off and flow down effortlessly, unless they are touching shore or dragging on the bottom they make no sound, a hazard for sure because these sheets can easily knock you over, knock you down, slice your waders and basically ruin a great day in a very short period of time.

By the time we got back to the vehicles I needed to stretch. My back starting to feel tight, my legs feeling every step that we had just traversed and they were hating me because of it. You don’t recognize the difficulty with walking over such terrain and its effects on your anatomy until afterwards, this is the key reason why it is so important to have at least stretched prior to the task and after. Simple and quick but it can save you an enormous amount of pain and suffering later on.

Our journey up river saw us heading into a well known stretch and the day was quickly coming to an end so we fished down to the area where he had previously raised a large fish. DSC00844The water was quicker in this stretch, more current and it pushed you along easily. We fished this section with relative ease as it didn’t have much surface structure, all in all it was a straight run and we were just casting and letting the flies swing. DSC00840Just at the end of the run we decided to switch flies and make a few more casts before packing it in and heading back to the vehicles. My friend got rigged and cast first, before I could even feed out line to cast he hooked into a brute DSC00841and I put the rod down to help him land it. We were both excited to say the least once we saw it roll and jump. He fought it quickly and I had a hand around its tail with one grab, some quick pics then back to the water.

We did some high fives and sat and enjoyed the scenery for a few minutes before we decided that it would be best if we left on this high note as it would be unlikely that we would be able to best this catch. It was at this time that I realized that just how far we had come down river from where we first started this stretch of water. It was at this time that you felt the strength of the current, the force trying to hold you back, trying to push you back down river. No wonder these fish are so strong. By the time I made it back I was thankful that we were done fishing for the day, that we had such a great experience and that I had heated seats in the car to soothe some sore back muscles on the long drive home.

Lets just say it again.. if you are going to get outside then make the best of it, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to stretch those muscles that you haven’t used all winter. I know I will from now on. See you on the water.

Stripers on the Chi…



Without question the Miramichi river is one of the Jewels of Canada with its runs of Atlantic Salmon which it has become world renowned for.. but I ventured to this river this time for a different purpose in mind… this time I wanted to try my hand at the large schools of stripped bass that enter this river to feed and spawn.

I ventured up after work on a Saturday and found some spots that others were gracious enough to inform me of and started my casting.. I had brought enough gear to sink a small ship but I just didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want my first time out after these fish to be one of regret because  forgot one thing or another. That being said I didn’t use anywhere near half of what I brought..lol.. which is about typical, the point is I was ready.

I cast a large surf rod first to see how it feels in hand since this was my first time casting it and it did not disappoint.. while others were there casting their lures in an attempt to reach a spot that was known to hold stripers, they fell short with every cast. The Intrepid Surf rod from Streamside made short work of the distance and it wasn’t long before I had people asking me about the gear.. I made a deal with them that if they told me spots on the river I would let them know about the gear and try it out.. before long I was taking a break and watching others making casts my rod to the very spot that they had been seeking. I came away with a few good spots to try out at a later date.ImageImage

Evening started to creep in and I had only landed one small striper but at least it was a fish where no one else had even had so much as a bump. I waited to hear from my friend Marlon Prince as he was to join me that evening for a fish before dark and then we would spend the next day on the water with his boat… and I waited and I waited and I waited… until finally my cell phone rings and its him asking me where he can find me so I give him some quick directions and head out to the end of the road to guide him the rest of the way.. and I waited and I waited and I waited… until finally he calls back.. “Dude I am having some issues with the Trailer” he says in a matter of fact way.. I tell him I will meet him so stay where he is at.. he tells me that won’t be a problem..

I get there and the axle on the boat trailer has decided to commit suicide.. the hub has blown apart, bearings are a mess, all the lugs have blown off and torn holes through the rim… lets just say he wasn’t joking when he indicated that staying where he was wouldn’t be an issue..lol..


He calmly worked away and tried to see if he could rectify the issue as cars passed by and night kept coming.. how he stayed so calm is beyond me. Finally, to make this story a little shorter, there was one passerby that was nice enough to offer assistance and he found us a place to put the boat and trailer that was extremely close by. He arranged to have the axle repaired after we removed it and would get in touch with us the next day so we could get on the water.. by this time it was 1am and we were grateful for the help.

After a very restless sleep in the back of the vehicles we got up at 5am to start making some casts.. hearing that there were fish around during high tides etc.. It was very cold and windy on this morning and using the fly rods became a challenge but not impossible.. Marlon made cast after cast with his 10wt moving large flies over the water with ease.. I say large flies but he normally fishes for musky and he uses 15″ flies for them so these 6″ flies didn’t seem that big if you compared the two.

The day crept by uneventful for the most part as we continued to fish a few different areas until we got the call that the boat was ready and we got there in a hurry and gave our thanks and we were off to get the boat in the river.. So many boats on the water it is a wonder that anyone catches anyone in that mayhem.. we steered clear for the most part and had our own moderate success with that plan. We trolled these large flies and would stop from time to time to make some casts to see if we could pick up fish and we had some strikes and some fish landed.. I say we collectively since I was with Marlon in the same boat and even though he did the catching or landing of the fish I was still there to at least see it and take pics..lol..

ImageLets put it this way.. I got schooled… I used the same fly pattern, same colour, I made casts to the same areas, I trolled the fly just as far back as his and yet I came away with nothing other than having an awesome time watching the seminar that he was putting on. Hard to be angry or disappointed when you see fish being landed. ImageWe figured it had to be the line he was using that got his fly down to the right depth.. I know what I am buying the next time out… some of that damn line is what..lol.. He also managed to land one of the nicest sea run trout I have seen in a while.. a wonderful surprise to say the least and it got to swim away like all the rest. We had a long discussion after the release of that trout basically agreeing in the fact that releasing the fish was the first thing that came into our minds and not killing it.. how probably 90% of the Province would have killed that fish just for what it was instead of enjoying it, letting it go and possibly catching it again.Image

We fished the remainder of the day and got into several around some of the bridge structures that span the river. The river was rough for most of the day and we never got to see the large schools of big fish that we have heard reports of. We didn’t see any surfacing or splashing etc… my assumption is that these fish have moved way up river to complete their task that they came here for. We already have Imagea plan to head up again if not this season then next for sure… Looking forward to it and this time I will have the right line..lol . I almost forgot one of the highlights for the day was having the grill on the boat to make a little mid-day lunch for the two of us.. Marlon Imagehad brought along some items to BBQ so while we controlled the boat I did the cooking.. it was a great treat to just have a little bite while you are waiting for a bite.. If there is a better way to spend a day I just haven’t heard about it yet.



We have all had those days, those weeks, those months where you never seem to have enough time. Where you only want relief from turmoil or anxiety even if it is only for a few moments. I have had this sensation building in me for some time now and just yesterday I was able to find that peaceful release that I so eagerly awaited and craved.

For me, like many other anglers and outdoorsmen/women, I need to be outside from time to time. I need to be near water, be on water, to feel the water flowing or at least to hear it.

I have an extensive fishing collection of rods, reels, tackle, flies, float tubes, waders and a plethora of other fishing paraphernalia… but like many others what good does it do me if I can get to use it.. I sit in my fishing room and I clean reels, I re-spool with new line, I repair and clean any damaged rods, I organize and so on. All this does is make me want to go out and be on the water all that much more. You can only plan for fishing so much before you need to put line to water.

I made a point of putting a 3wt and a 5wt rod with reels, fly boxes etc in the back of the car for those moments when I can sneak away for even a short while to cast a fly to see if I can get a fish to raise. Well they have been there for over a month now and I have been waiting for that moment where I slow down enough to take advantage of my surroundings. Beautiful creeks and streams that I drive by every day on my way to work. Rivers flowing in and out with the tide that have returning sea-trout and the odd salmon awaiting someone to drift a nice fly in front of them. And still I drive by with just the thoughts of the river and water. My body continues on but my mind stays next to the water making cast after cast to the fish I know are there, raising for each cast but I will never feel the slightest tug because I am constantly moving.

We all need time to refuel. This doesn’t mean you need to take a week off work and go away, it means you need to stop even for a short time and re-focus. Clear your mind and use that one passion that centers you to bring you back and make you more productive. My center is fishing.

Yesterday I forced myself to do just this. I have audits pending and I have been diligent with all the documentation and information that will be required but I noticed myself becoming agitated and on edge… not good when you are going to be facing federal inspectors. All the employees at the plant had completed their lunches and returned to work as I stepped into my car and I drove off the lot.. I had my time that I needed to eat my lunch and sit and stare and a small brook that I pass every day.. at that time I remembered that I had a few rods in the car so I got out the 3wt.. it felt so good to just run the line through the guides and I felt like I was playing hooky or cheating somehow. I tied on a small bug and laid the first of several casts across the little body of water. I could feel the stress leaving me as I allowed myself to relax. The second cast was better than the first and a small flash was seen under the surface. I grinned even more than before and I made my third passIMG_1164 as a small brook trout came up to sample my offering and I brought him to hand quickly. In awe of his colours, I could feel myself rejuvenated.One more cast and I was able to land one more fish before I had to head back to the office.IMG_1165

Both fish are the first that I have landed in over a month and they were a gift that I so desperately needed. If I cold have sat down and spent the rest of the day trekking through the terrain next to this little brook I would have been content. As it was I had received what I needed and I could go back to face the rest of my day.

Basically what I am trying to say is that everyone is busy, everyone has a life with responsibilities and everyone needs to be recharged at some point… for me it took 10 minutes next to a brook with a fly rod in my hand.. for you maybe it’s a drive on a road with you favorite song playing.. take the time to refuel.

The Perfect Fly day

DSCF5436No it wasn’t a Friday but it was just as good… recently I had the opportunity to head to one of my new favorite stretches of the Kennebecasis river in New Brunswick. This new to me stretch of water is up in the C&R section of the river where few anglers bother to tread and it showed.
I contacted a close friend whom I have used as a source of information over the past few years and whom has been more than gracious in filling me in on some of his favorite spots. We parked the car on an old dirt road and got geared up. Both of us fishing light gear on this particular day with 3wt’s in hand we headed for the river via a path that many have used but not to fish.. at the end of the trail was an old campfire and some scattered debris but for the most part one of the cleanest party spots I have seen.. ah to be that young again..lol.. It amazes me that people would trek this far back and not fish..to each their own I guess. Both of us entered the water and each had a fish with our very first cast.. DSCF5454DSCF5453hopefully this was going to set the tone for the morning’s adventure and not be an omen that we  caught all that there was to catch in the first 5 minutes. The former would turn out to be the case as the fish continued to bite at every bend, turn and ripple.

We only saw 2 fish the entire day surface for something on the water but we were unable to find out what it was.. it didn’t make much difference as they could be seen flashing under the water as well. Fish could be taken where you would expect to find fish. Under an overhanging branch, around a log sticking out of the water, at the start of a run, at the end of a run, on the far bank of an outside bend, under an undercut bank.. it just didn’t matter. DSCF5447DSCF5445

The weather was not too hot and not too cold, it was overcast with a chance of drizzle that held off but kept the air temp pleasant and bug free. This was the perfect fly day in my opinion.DSCF5451

It has been a while

I have been going through all my pics lately and noticed that I haven’t posted anything to my blog in ages.. so here is the quick list to get all caught up..

I was out once in July for a week back home in NS for our annual get together. Lots of water, lots of fish as usual.. key thing that came up.. we discovered as a group that our planning sucks.. last year we were spoiled rotten by one of our group and his ability as a Chef.. the food was incredible.. this year not so much.. why you say.. Ted couldn’t make it..lol.. the other side of this was my budget was almost completely shot in the first 4 days and I had  days left to go..lol.. mental notes for next year.

Going back down at the end of September with any luck to see if we can get into some big fish putting the feed bag on before winter..

I have been out a few times up here with minimal success until this past Monday.. which will be my next post.. stay tuned.



Sitting streamside with Streamside

Sitting streamside with Streamside

Have 3wt will travel

Harmony 7/8wt stream trial


After receiving my first assortment of Streamside products I couldn’t wait for the dust to settle before I had backing and line on my new reel and was heading to the water. After a couple quick phone calls and texts to some buddies to see if I could get some company on the water, accepting the fact that most of them thought I was crazy since it was snowing and freezing rain. Jeff Hiltz stepped up to the plate and took one for the team.

After Jeff arrived we moved upriver and found a way across the River Phillip at one section that was new to Jeff and later in the day he took me to one that I had never yet laid eyes on…

The water was cold, the air was cold. Freezing rain coming down from time to time just kept enough chill in your fingers to allow the pain of the cold to be felt.. wouldn’t want the nerves to get too damaged…lol.. Both Jeff and I were discussing our various ailments and body limitations now that we are getting older… maybe I should say that we discussed the way that our Youth has changed..IMG_5191

The fishing was bad but the casting was good… it felt nice to once again be on the water casting a fly. This new reel from Streamside was smooth to both release and pick up line. I can’t wait to try it out with a fish on.. IMG_5189soon, very soon…lol.  The line I used on this reel is the all new Proline WF floating line from Streamside as well.. it shoots great and lays a nice line out. The built-in loop on the fly line makes it easy to swap out leaders which I had to a IMG_5195couple of times this day… all in all.. I am impressed with both the reel and the line… now where are the fish.


Streamside ProStaff offer accepted

Streamside ProStaff offer accepted

Well It is official. I am now a member of the Streamside Prostaff and all other products under their parent company CG Emery. I am gratefull for the opportunity and look forward to testing out their products in the time to come.

Hardwater in NB

While fishing in NB is now no longer new to me… fishing the hardwater is. This is the first season that I have purchased an ice fishing license for NB and wouldn’t you know it the government has difficulty even getting the licenses out to the field offices so that people have them for January 1st when the season began. After many phone calls I finally tracked one down.

I had chatted with a new acquaintance online a few times about getting out onto the ice to try for some fish. He hadn’t done much but had the gear to get where he needed. I have been ice fishing for quite some time and it all started with the basics.. ice rod, a couple of ice jigs and a hand auger… well we hit the ice with a little more this time round. We had plenty of rods to go around and with the NB regulations we are each allowed 6 in total. 5 static or set lines and 1 rod in hand. The difference with these rods is the amount of hooks you are allowed. Some people fish with more than one lure or trebles or sets of trebles etc.. I just use a single lure or ice jig with a single hook.. this way it doesn’t matter which rod I have or designate as a set line it is still within the regulations.

Mike came round to the house by 9am and it had begun snowing big snowball flakes so we piled all the gear into my Subaru and hit the highway. Stopped for some gas and a coffee and we were off.. Now you have to remember, we just met for the first time and right from the get go we hit it off… as I seem to do with those whom I choose to go fishing with. There is something about fishing that seems to create a bond with people and puts them at ease. Both Mike and I are in our 3rd week of quitting smoking and it was the topic of discussion for a great deal of the day…lol.. how we would have usually had a smoke at this time or that, after getting the coffee or after getting the gear set up on the lake etc…

Having never been to the lake we selected we opted to drive around the lake (Mike your compass is on its way, apparently not all my passengers make a good co-pilot because their navigational or directional skills are somewhat reduced…lol) in order to select a good spot to get on as well as getting an idea as to what this lake had to offer. Granted looking at a lake that is frozen and one that is not are completely different but I try to look at what is exposed to tell me about what is hidden. Points, rock piles, flats etc.. all of these are things that I want to try to target.

After stopping to ask for permission to use a homeowners property to access the lake we parked the car and headed for our first spot across the lake… there were a few wet spots noticed on the lake but we did our best to steer clear of these and when we did drop through some slushy surface material we did a u-turn fairly quickly to get back to the solid ice we had been on.

We got to our selected destination and Mike started drilling holes. We drilled 8 holes in total that were spread out, some with bells on them to indicate a strike if any occurred and there was one tip up with a flag. These were set roughly 20 feet or so apart to give us different depths from the shelf that we were fishing. On this particular day we didn’t have a fish finder or underwater camera to view anything so we are doing this blindly but it was merely an exploratory day for the most part. After the holes were drilled we set all the lines and then got our gear ready for those rods that we would use in our hands.. As soon as everything was set ,I prepped my gear and lowered my lure down the hole… within seconds I had a solid strike and I set the hook into a nice Brookie between 12-13″. DSCF5002 A treat and a surprise to me for sure because I wasn’t really expecting to land anything on this day… I took a quick pic and then lowered the lure down the hole again..

Mike and I began to talk a bit more about the fishing and the lake surroundings and possible areas that would or should be productive… after about a half hour or so we had a little snack and then I went back to my rod.. I gave it a few more twitches and thought I felt a soft tap on the line… I stood up out of my chair and set the hook just in case. Within a few moments I had my second fish out of that hole but this time it wasn’t a trout, it was a perch. DSCF5004DSCF5003 A nice little yellow perch, which was the first yellow perch I have ever landed through the ice in my life. I was stoked to say the least.

I am unsure of how much more time expired before I had the third strike on my rod… I was busy boiling some water for tea for the both of us. Here I am laying on my side on the ice, the ice sled pulled over to block some wind and my backpack to do the same. I have a small butane pocket stove set up to boil some water.. all the while our rods just sit… Mike looks over and says you got a fish on and the same rod is twitching like crazy.. I tell him to grab the rod and feel if there is any weight and he says that there is.. I tell him to set the hook with one quick snap up and he does… a few moments later out comes a white perch, DSCF5010DSCF5009again not huge but a third species out of the same hole using the exact same bait. I look over and the tea is boiling over the side of the pot.. we stop again for a tea and granola bar to give us another energy boost. Again we begin talking about how it is times like this that a smoke would be appreciated most..lolDSCF5007

We continued to fish these first holes for a while and had a good time doing it. We opted to clean up and try a few other areas on the lake before calling it a day and we found another promising spot that within moments of drilling and dropping a line down produced Mikes first trout for the day…DSCF5011DSCF5012 we did this drill and drop method for a while until we both realized that we had already had the best this lake had to offer this day and it was best for us to leave on a high note..

The snow had stopped and the sun was out, the temperature had dropped but it was a great day to be out. I have to thank Mike for coming along for the journey as I hate to fish alone and he made the day for me.  I already have my next trip on the hardwater planned for a couple of weeks towards Saint John for some trout and pumpkinseed (which I have never landed either) with another online friend whom I have never met.. Here’s hoping that it is just as much fun..