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Braving the elements

Well we hit out again on Sunday morning to seek out some salmon from the Miramichi up here in New Brunswick. Reading the temperature gauge inside the truck on the way up, I found that I had to rub my eyes just to wipe away the sleep or crumbs or dust that was apparently blocking my vision from correctly reading the temperature gauge… this is the only explanation, that there had to be something in my eyes, because it read or should I say, I thought it read -4 degrees… obviously impossible for April 29th… since the Truck was brand new I ruled out any possible malfunction in the electronics of the vehicle. After stepping out of the truck at Quarryville, it was obvious that there was nothing wrong with my eyes or the vehicles instrumentation… it was indeed -4 degrees, that is without the windchill mind you.

It was bitter cold to say the least. After 4 or 5 casts you would have to stop to remove the ice that had been built up in the guides of the rod because there was no way to throw a line, the ice stopped all the shooting action the rod had.  Had some good luck through all of the bad.. was able to feel out a few fish and land one.

Largest issue we faced was the raise in the water volume from a few weeks earlier. It rained constantly and the river showed the results. From where we fished on opening day there was a large rock visible from shore… with constant rain for the last couple of weeks the water levels have risen more than 3 vertical feet. It was difficult to fish before with the fast water but this time was a challenge for sure. Water we were standing in would have been dry land not 2 weeks before and now the huge chunks of ice are gone as well as most of the dry banks. Still a few places to sit but no shelter from the wind and cold. Looking forward to heading back up but hopefully we can have some warmer weather this time.. winter is supposed to be over, bring on the sun and warmth.


You can check out the video on my Youtube channel…


Getting out and about

Well not much to tell other than I have been out a few times now for some brook trout without very much luck.. did manage a couple small ones but that is it. Got into a school of brookies but all they managed to do was tear my fly to couldn’t keep a hook in them for some reason.. all for the best, since they were small, no need to stress them further with landing each of them.

If you click on the image to the left you will see the damage that these fish did to this fly… the tinsel has come unwrapped and thread hanging off.. signs of a good time if you ask me..


Made a couple more vids over the last few days so make sure you check out the link in the blog roll located at the bottom left corner of the main page (scroll all the way down). 4YakProductions is the name of the link and there are 5 vids uploaded presently and as I get out I will edit more together.. hope you enjoy them and make sure you leave some comments. I love the feedback.

Salmon season 2012

Well the opening day came and we were on the water for it. Met up with 2 friends Allen “Bubba” Kay of the Dieppe Fly Tyiers group and Terry Bastarache who did the driving to Quarryville, NB. to fish the great Miramichi River one of the best Atlantic Salmon fisheries in North America. When we got there you would have thought that this was the last kick at the can.. man the place was crowded and the game now became where to go so you weren’t shoulder to shoulder with someone…

We found our little niche and settled in… Bubba was the first to hook and land a fish and then Terry landed a couple and then back to Bubba… I however was left taking pics and vids for the event.. One thing I must point out is that on this river at that time of the year the fish apparently are laying on the bottom more or less. This means you need to either use a ridiculously large fly or a sinking tip.. I had neither.. Bubba was now having a great deal of success on each cast. I was able to obtain an insanely large fly from Bubba which he would normally use for high water on his switch rod and he was amazed that I was able to cast it on my 8wt without knocking myself unconscious.. the things anglers do to get fish.. as I mentioned I was fishing an 8wt with WF floating line.. I needed to get the fly down.. I now know that the previous urgings I received from other anglers who have fished this time of the year had been honest and I have learned a valuable lesson for sure..

Just after lunchtime the guys decided to take a break and relax on the shoreline up next to a mountain of river pack ice that remained and it must have been close to 20 feet in some place if not higher. While they were snacking I kept casting.. you can’t hook anything if you’re fly isn’t in the water.. As my line was coming around from the drift I felt a slightly discernible tug.. more like a pressure than a tug so I raised my rod tip unsure… it was a small grilse.. my first Atlantic salmon… he came to hand fairly easy after a minute or two and now the bigger issue.. what was it that I had just done to cause that fish to strike.. cast, mend the line take 5 or 10 steps downriver with the line following it with the rod, this allowed my fly to get deeper instead of start to come back up when it got to the end of the arc it would  have been on if I stayed put… FISH ON… the boys were not having anymore breaks after this. If they had to keep coming down to take pics then they might as well be fishing.

There were also some very active trout in the system for the time of year.. lots of them coming up to what could have possibly been a March Brown hatch.

I had many nipping at my leader as I was pulling in my line preparig for the next cast.. many of us landed a few and to me they are most attractive fish that swims.

I just can’t get enough of the colours of these fish, the hues, the halos, the oranges, golds and blues.. wonderful specimens for sure.

We fished on for hours until our stomachs requested we leave. for the 8 or better hours we were on the Miramichi River we hooked over 25 salmon / grilse and landed close to 20 of those or better. It was my first successful Atlantic Salmon outing where I have actually hooked and landed a Salmon. This will truly be a day I will remember for as long as I live and I thank the guys who came with me to make it what it was. I could not have accomplished half of it without these 2 gentlemen. I am in their debt truly.

You can check out the video on my Youtube channel…


Some Vids I have been working on…

I have added a link in the Blogroll section for my Youtube account. It is called 4 Yak Productions and I have uploaded a couple vids to start and there will be more to come. I will try to make them as professional as possible but they take time. I think they are awesome but I am probably a little biased.. if you don’t have a Youtube account then you can feel free to email me or post your comments here.

There will be more in the near future and I hope to have one from the salmon fishing I am going to be doing this coming weekend… here’s hoping I actually see some fish.

A new season is upon us

In NB the season opens on April 15th.

I have plans to go Black salmon season with some friends who were generous enough to take me last season. I am looking forward to it after a long winter off. With any luck I will be laying hands on some Atlantic salmon, be them one I hooked or for one of the guys that is coming along. Either way it works for me and I will post them here.. I tied a couple flies that I have been told will work for these fish for that time of year..